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A USDA Guaranteed Loan is a Government insured 100% purchase loan. These Loans are only offered in rural areas and serviced by direct lenders that meet federal guidelines.

The USDA, or the United States Department of Agriculture, is also in charge of rural development and helping families in rural areas become homeowners. This mortgage option helps make purchasing a home more affordable for low-income individuals living in designated rural areas.

They offer three main mortgage programs:
  • USDA Direct Loans 
  • USDA Loan Guarantees 
  • USDA Home Improvement loans
To be eligible, applicants must:
  • Have an adequate and dependable income
  • Be a U.S. Citizen, qualified alien, or be legally admitted to the United States for permanent residence.
  • Have an adjusted annual household income that does not exceed the moderate income limit established for the area. A family’s income includes the total gross income of the applicant, co-applicant and any other adults in the household. Applicants may be eligible to make certain adjustments to gross income – such as annual child care expenses and $480 for each minor child – in order to qualify.

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